Low Impact:
Canada's Offroad Experts

At Low Impact we’ve designed, prototyped, tested and utilized many different off-road machines and configurations for over 20 years. Our experience and expertise are second to none and has given us the opportunity to perfect the fleet of machines that we sell, rent and support.

We offer only the highest performing machines in the market which are best known for being safe, tough, user friendly, comfortable, and Low Impact



Prinoth Tracked Vehicles: A Payload of Technology

No matter whether mud, gravel or snow, PRINOTH tracked vehicles are reliable working machinery for extreme applications on extreme terrains. Thanks to their huge payload, these vehicles can be equipped with all types of specialized attachments and are perfect for all construction and drilling work, including pipeline construction, and for the laying and maintenance of power lines. In short, they offer a wide variety of applications for deployment throughout the year under the most difficult conditions. PRINOTH tracked vehicles stand out for their very low ground pressure, which allows them to reach places where other wheeled vehicles would inevitably get stuck. Moreover, these vehicles are used for the transport of personnel, machinery and other heavy equipment.


Argo: Go Anywhere!

Filling the gap between ATV’s and bigger off-road equipment, ARGO Extreme Terrain Vehicles (XTVs) will climb, crawl or swim anywhere you have to go, with the tools you need, at a cost you can afford. Available in 6X6 and 8X8 versions with so many options to choose from such as Tracks, ROPS, Cabs, Winches, Toolboxes, Cab Heaters, Windshields, Amphibious Trailers, etc!

A very proud Canadian Company in business for over 50 years!


World Famous BV206

We offer many variations of the most versatile machine in the world, customizable to our customer’s specialized requirements. Options available include snow blades, pickers, hydro vacs, water tankers, fuel haulers, fire fighters, flat decks, winches, tow tractors, personnel carriers, chemical haulers, vacuum tankers, man lift, ambulances and so much more!


Tough as Nails Morooka

A proud Pioneer of rubber tracks, the Morooka tracked carriers are as tough as they come. With 60 years of company history, Morooka continues to manufacture innovative and high quality products with a desire of 100% customer satisfaction.


Ground Pressure Comparison

1 Ton Pickup Truck (35 PSI)
Horse (25 PSI)
Human Footprint (8 PSI)
Morooka MST3000 (3.6 PSI)
Hagglunds BV206 (1.26 PSI)
Argo (1.06 PSI)
Human on Snowshoes (0.5 PSI)

Safe, Simple & Reliable

At Low Impact we greatly value safety and only utilize machines with this as their most important aspect. Our machines are extremely simple to operate. If you can drive a car, you can drive any of our machines. These machines have been designed to be incredibly user-friendly and comfortable during long hours of work or adventure.

Environmentally Friendly

Not only are our machines safe, simple and reliable, they are Low Impact on the environment too. To illustrate, the average human footprint is 8 PSI and our biggest machine-only 3.6 PSI. Our low ground pressure machines have helped access numerous remote areas while respecting the sensitive terrain.

Virtually Unstoppable

Our machines are – Anywhere, Anytime, Tough! With payloads ranging from 500 lbs to over 33,000 lbs, these machines continue to prove themselves every day in mud, snow, sand, muskeg, water and over forest debris, hills and rocky terrain.

Completely Customizable

All of our machines are customizable to meet our customer’s requirements. Over the years, we have built many different machine variants, custom accessories, attachments, trailers etc. to meet many different job requirements. Our experience in not only designing and building these customizations, but also testing and utilizing them on jobsites, has given us experience in our industry that is second to none.


      • Search & Rescue
      • Emergency Services
      • Pipeline Construction
      • Pipeline Maintenance
      • Pipeline Reclamation
      • Utility Construction
      • Utility Maintenance
      • Environmental
      • Oilfield Construction
    • Oilfield Drilling
    • Oilfield Reclamation
    • Oilfield Maintenance
    • Renewable Resources
    • Forestry
    • Logging
    • Mining
    • Wind Energy
    • Resource Exploration

Work With Us

From our Hagglunds to the Morooka’s and Snowcats, our fleet is extremely well maintained and operated. We carry extensive spare parts and spare machines so if we do have trouble with a machine we can quickly repair it or replace it with another one.

About Low Impact

Low Impact was built and continues to grow due to our outmost passion for the world’s best off-road machines and how we can best assist our customers with them. Every day we continue to help customers conquer their challenging job sites in a safe, efficient and environmentally respectful way.

Giving Back to our Communities

We believe in doing our part to make the community a better place to live. We sponsor all kinds of Organizations, clubs, sport programs, local children’s shelters as well as our favorite country artist Tenille Townes!

Health, Safety and Environment

The key word is ‘respect.’ It sums up our entire safety program. Respect yourself, your coworkers, your customers, your equipment and your environment. Safety is a big part of everything we do and we are ISNetworld and ComplyWorks compliant.

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