About Low Impact

Canada’s Offroad Experts


Creativity and problem solving are necessary at Low Impact.

“To the best of my knowledge, we have the largest civilian fleet of Hagglunds BV206 next to the Canadian Military.”

– Troy Gordon, President


The mud and swamp in Western Canada is among the most challenging in the world and sometimes recreational vehicles don’t always cut it.

Low Impact only provides and supports Industrial Grade and Military Machines ensuring the highest standards of Safety and Quality.

“Our staff is frequently called on to rescue broken and stuck recreational vehicles, as they just can’t compete with better quality Industrial and Military machines.”

– Troy Gordon, President


Low Impact blazed the off-road trail in the Peace Country with creativity, hard work and persistence. This resulted in the creation of many unique and effective off-road machines able to assist a wide range of industries in any terrain, anytime.

“We started in this business with one Hagglund BV206 with very little support or knowledge of the machine. This resulted in less than satisfactory job performance on many occasions. Being honest and charging accordingly has resulted in an amazingly loyal and diverse customer base for our company.”

– Troy Gordon, President

Impressive Maintenance Program

This means Low Impact is self-sufficient with parts and repairs. Well over $500,000.00 in parts inventory is kept on hand to keep downtime to a minimum. They also have a fleet large enough that if one machine experiences trouble, there are others ready to replace it.

“We take pride in our expertise and knowledgeable staff at Low Impact. We have an incredibly thorough maintenance program that allows us to operate at the highest level of safety and efficiency.”

– Troy Gordon, President

Detailed Safety Routine

Before and after every job the machines are inspected, cleaned and gone through with a fine tooth comb to ensure we don’t encounter breakdowns out on the job sites. That is the last thing you want to experience in remote locations.

“We aren’t always strictly business; we use the Hagglunds for lots of other things as well. We’ve gone on adventure trips, fishing and camping, I’ve driven Army Veterans in parades and even ditched the limo and took a Hagglunds to prom.”

– Madison McLeod, Troy’s Daughter

Core Values


Everything is about respect. Respect yourself, your co-workers, our customers, our equipment and the environment.


Building and strengthening honest relationships is important to us. People will always be the most important part of our company.


“Teamwork makes the dreamwork.” It is a building block to quality, efficiency and safety.


We strive to deliver one of a kind quality with our work, our relationships and our products.


Safety is one of our top priorities. We consider it in all aspects of our work including the job, in our shop and in the design of our machines.


We believe in doing our part to make the community a better place to be. We believe in giving back and strive to make a difference in the communities that surround us.


Passion is everything we do. We have a passion for people, hard work, offroad vehicles and everything camo.

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