Aboriginal Relations

Our management and many of our staff at Low Impact have been working directly with and building relationships with the local Sturgeon Lake Aboriginal Community for over 35 years.

Our connections go back 80 years, as family members from two previous generations have built relationships, and share working history, active side-by-side military roles and friendships with the local Aboriginal communities.

We have utilized Aboriginal peoples in various capacities within our company and strive to provide the opportunity of education training and workplace development.

Up to fifty-percent and higher at times of our workforce comprises of Aboriginal members as they take the roles as supervisors, labourers, chain-saw operators, heavy equipment operators, truck drivers, as well as equipment and vehicle maintenance and repair.

Our current business model includes various specialized and unique equipment in which we actively train our Aboriginal employees to operate and utilize in the field.

We’ve assisted fellow Aboriginal neighbours financially, provided business advice and helped with the undertaking of a business venture.

Low Impacts strives to maintain and strengthen the mutual respect that has been built over many years with our Aboriginal people. We are committed to developing these relationships and continue them long-term.

Again the keyword is respect.

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