2023 Prinoth Panther T8

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Used | 2023 | Panther T8 | 26 hrs

Payload – 7,257 KG

Travel Speed – 11.5 km/h

Maximum Gradeability – 60% / 31°

Driving System

The entire PANTHER model range includes a combined pedal & steering wheel driving system for increased operator comfort and ease-of-control. The ergonomic steering column is telescopic and tiltable allowing operators to sit in an upright position to stay comfortable throughout the day.

Choice of Dump Body or Tilt deck

The selection of dump body between a dump box or a tilting deck is available. Your choice only depends on the task you need to complete and the nature of the materials you need to handle. We can also customize the dump body to meet your exact needs.

Fewer moving parts result in less corrosion

The Panther undercarriage is unique and has a patented design. It is designed with rugged large steel wheels which allow the vehicle to easily adapt to uneven soil, ruts and ditches. The undercarriage is self-cleaning and the tracks adapt to all soil types and to all weather conditions. The Automatic track tensioning system eases track care.

Trainer seat option

Companies who need to provide equipment training in the field can benefit from adding a trainer seat to their Panther to allow the presence of an seasoned operator/instructor onsite. This is particularly useful for novice operators learning to operate the equipment safely and efficiently. The trainer seat can also allow you to bring extra crew to remote projects sites.


Prinoth Panther T8 Data Sheet
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